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    Hi everyone.

    I'm translating a book on control mechanisms (automation engineering - l'automatique). Normally I'd have access to the authors during the process of translation, but with this one, I'm sending the whole of the completed translation to them for review (rather than sending them chapters for review au fur et à mesure). This particular chapter is on diggers / excavator-loaders (pelleteuses). It's talking about the fact that the mechanical arms on most pelleteuses have three moving parts, whereas the more sophisticated MECALAC machines have five parts:
    - flèche
    - bec de flèche
    - déport
    - balancier
    - porte-outils

    Below is my attempt, but I am not at all sure [....] and would be very grateful of any help.
    - boom head

    Thanks in advance.
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    That's immeasurably helpful, OutsinceMons. Thank you very much. :)

    I have the whole of the manuscript, with a scant list of index keywords, which I have translated (attempted to translate) and sent them in the hope of using it as a translation glossary... They're simply not very cooperative. Normally, I would make the majority of my inevitable technical vocab mistakes in the first couple of chapters, but they would bleed corrections back to me before I finish the translation, so I can use the correct vocab in the first round of translation of the subsequent chapters.

    Apologies, Michelvar - I didn't mean to breach protocol. :warn:

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