became opportunities for him to explain how “it” was...

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Kitty 123

Hi, guys.

I recently came across this sentence when reading an article and I am not quite clear about what it means.
Its source is listed as follows.

Source: New York Times, March 29, 2012
Title: Getting to That Safe Place
Author: Elisabeth Fairfield Stokes

The sentence is: Dinners at his favorite restaurant became opportunities for him to explain how “it” was, how I was wrong about feminism and affirmative action, how men, especially white men, are discriminated against, how he thought he got bad service in restaurants because people assumed he wouldn’t tip well because he was young. He especially seemed to hate this Catch-22 he imagined for himself: Should he tip well for bad service to prove that he knew how to tip well?

Q: The italicized part, to explain how “it” was. What does "it " refer to here? Does it refer to "discrimination"?

Thank your for your attention!
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