because / although> they still let their parents


An increasing number of young adults in India wish to have more choice in the selection of their future wives or husbands ---- they still let their parents arrange their marriages.

A) because B) although C) unless D) until E) as if

Hi, this is a exam question. Which one right? Is it likely more than one correct answer to this question? If it is possible, which ones are correct? Thanks.
  • owlman5

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    "Because" doesn't make any sense to me, pointphoton. The clause after the blank seems to be a statement of concession, so "although" would be the best choice for that blank.


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    You're welcome. "Still" in the final clause is an important clue. It helps readers understand that they are "still" doing something that they have traditionally done even though they want more choice in their selection of mates.

    Once you understand what the final clause is telling you, it's easy to see that "although" is the appropriate word for that blank.
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