Because her parents had been explosive and <given to screaming>

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Because her parents had been explosive and given to screaming, she always tried to remain calm and temperate.
[Source: Reading for Results Ninth Edition by Laraine Flemming]
I'd like to know here what "been given to screaming" means?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Thank you, JulaianStuart, ayuda?, and Parla, for your very helpful answer.:)

    I'm so sorry; I keep other dictionaries at hand.:(
    That's is a good practice - not all dictionaries have good, comprehensive answers and examples. However the search box at the top of the page takes you not only to 1) the WRF dictionary definitions but also to 2) previous threads where your question may already have been discussed - it is a major feature of WRF that other dictionaries do not have and why it is a good idea to search first. You may find you don't need to start a new thread:D


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    There is a previous thread on "given to ..." but it does not explain why the word "given" is used in the idiom (apparently from the 1500s).
    That is why I called it an idiom:
    1. Linguisticsan expression or phrase that does not follow regular rules of grammar, or one whose meaning cannot be predicted from the meaning of its individual parts:The expressionkick the bucket, meaning "to die,'' is an idiom in English.
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