because of its beautiful landscapes

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  1. klaudek626 Senior Member

    < ... > But I have another question:) Let's assume that I'm on holiday in Spain and I'm writing a postcard to my friend: I love Spain because .......................... beautiful landscapes.

    How can I fill in this gap? I have some ideas but I don't know if any of them is correct:
    a) there are (sounds a bit odd because I'm in Spain at the moment - is it correct?)
    b) here are (is it possible to use 'here' instead of 'there' in such a context?)
    c) of its
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. mcibor Senior Member

    Choose three mylord

    a) is also correct, b) not so much

    You could also say
    [...]because it has many beautiful...
  3. radosna Senior Member

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    If you want something similar to b) you could write:

    "here, there are"

    That is, assuming that you're still there at the time of writing the postcard. ;)
  4. radosna Senior Member

    English- USA
    Sorry, I forgot to affirm that both a) and c) are correct, as is mcibor's additional proposal.

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