because the internet has developed or because the internet developed

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brown poodle

Senior Member
Whch tense is correct between the two examples?
Because the Internet has developed or becasue the internet developed, , library membership has dramatically decreased in the last few decades.
  • lingobingo

    Senior Member
    English - England
    The short answer is that the present perfect is the correct tense to use.

    But neither of your suggestions reads particularly well. Everyone knows what the Internet is and how rapidly it has changed everything. Saying “because it developed” is redundant. “Because of the Internet” would be enough. Or, if you feel the need to be specific, “because of all the information now available on the Internet”.

    Uncle Jack

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    British English
    I agree with lingo; using a verb seems awkward. "Because of the development of the internet..." keeps all of the original meaning without the awkwardness.
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