Because you should be wet! [sense]

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Hi. I'm trying to understand this movie, Chelsea Girls (Warhol, 1966), but there are expressions that I cannot follow. There are somebody like a psychologist and his patient (a woman). Both are crazy and hysterical and they are having this frantic conversation. They are both sweating so much:

She: How come every time I am in this situation, I always get wet?
He: Because you should be wet! I said...
She: You're so wet behind the ears!
He: You should be tied up, put in bathtub and pissed on regularly.

At this time, she is about to bath him with beer (yes!) and it could be taken as a hot situation, maybe...
I don't understand if he is punning on "wet" with its sexual meaning when he says: Because you should be wet!
I know it might sound petty, but I'm trying to translate the subtitles and I must understand the sense.

Thank you very much and excuse my bad English
  • Greyfriar

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    This entire conversation is littered with sexual innuendoes. I think we all know what happens when a woman becomes 'wet'. If she's about to bath him in beer and he says she should be urinated on in the bath (water sports :mad:) then they are a kinky couple.

    Your English is very good!
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