Beckham, are you meticulous about your appearance?

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Hello everyone,

After doing careful research, I found that "meticulous about your appearance" is an appropriate and also common way to say "you care about your physical appearance''. My question: does it sound idiomatic to ask that to a person in an interview, for example?

Interviewer: ''Beckham, are you meticulous about your appearance? Many people around the world say that about you. Is that true?''
Beckham: Well, I'm not particularly meticulous about my appearance but I do....

Thank you in advance!
  • Giorgio Spizzi

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    Hullo, Xavier.
    The question and the answer seem to be all right. What might be improved is the portion " to ask that to a person".
    GS :)


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    ...and the politeness of addressing someone by their surname alone.

    Interviewer (who has never met the interviewee before): ''Mr Beckham, are you meticulous...
    Interviewer (who knows the interviewee): ''David, are you meticulous...
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