becomes a domain of thoughts


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Hello. I know the possible translations of "domain", but I wanted to ask for some suggestions for the following sentence:

The sketchbook becomes a domain of thoughts, some of which will develop into further drawings and models.

It's a text about sketches in architectural design and I don't know if I should translate it like this:

El cuaderno de bocetos se convierte en dominio de las ideas, algunas de las cuales darán lugar a posteriores dibujos y modelos. (I don't really understand what "dominio de las ideas" means there).

or maybe "ámbito de las ideas".

I would really appreciate your opinions and ideas.
  • fenixpollo

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    In this sentence, I understand "domain" to be a synonym of "region" or "realm". I like un ámbito de ideas. Here are some other suggestions:
    ...un reino de ideas...
    ...un mundo de ideas...

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