becoming old means


Turkish, English
Hello. In French, would it be correct to translate the following:

"According to a lot of people, becoming old means becoming less attractive."

into this?:

"Selon beaucoup de personnes, à devenir vieux veut dire à devenir moins beau."

Thank you. :)
  • Oddmania

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    Just delete à ;)

    Selon beaucoup de personnes, devenir vieux veut dire devenir moins beau.

    By the way, wouldn't it be more correct to say, in English : ...Getting old and getting less attractive ?

    I've always been told that one has to use Get + adjective , or Become + noun.


    Turkish, English
    Thanks! :)

    And I'm not sure... Or maybe "getting old means becoming less attractive" may sound better :confused:
    I'm not totally sure about that one :)
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