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    Italian -Italy
    Hallo everybody,
    I am a beginner German lerner and at the moment I am writing my resume because I would like to apply for a job as waitress for a restaurant in Germany.
    In my previous odd job as a waitress I have basically washed up and waited on the clients. This is what I have written in my resume:

    Wichtigste Tätigkeiten und Zuständigkeiten Geschirrspülen, Gäste bedienen.

    Nevertheless, I am not sure whether I should say Gäste bedienen (neither accusativ nor genitiv) or Bedienen der Gäste (genitiv), or even Bediened die Gäste (accusativ).

    Could someone please help me? Thanks in advance!!

  2. Frank78

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    Gäste bedienen, Bedienen/Bedienung der Gäste are all fine.

    P.S.: Does it need to be that specific? I'd rather write "Küchenhilfsarbeiten, Umgang mit Gästen"
  3. Diddl

    Diddl Senior Member

    Italian -Italy
    Thanks a lot for halping me! Your suggestion is very valuable, too. Thanks!

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