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  1. yeffi New Member

    Hi, I was reading a description about a semidetached house.
    What do they mean with these sentences:
    master bedroom with en suite,
    2nd double,
    3rd bedroom and 4 piece bathroom suite.
    I 'm not sure if every room is served by a bathroom or not....
    I'm italian so any language of the two will be appreciated.
  2. AlabamaBoy

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    Ciao e benvent@ in forum

    A bathroom directly connected to a bedroom is often called an en-suite bathroom.

    I can not tell for sure that there is a bathroom in the 2nd bedroom. I am guessing that the 2nd and 3rd share a bathroom (we call it Jack and Jill in AE) so I would wait for a BE confirmation.
  3. fedefu85 Member

    Ciao a tutti! Com'è traducibile l'espressione "bedroom en suite"
    so che quando si parla di bathroom en suite vuol dire che c'è il bagno in camera, ma "bedroom en suite"? Ho provato nell'altro thread dal titolo "bedroom en suite" ma in quel thread in realtà si parla di bedroom with en suite.
    Ecco il contesto, è la descrizione di una residenza.

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  4. Brownpaperbag

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    here is a link to a previous discussion on the subject
  5. fedefu85 Member

    Thanks Brownpaperbag. However, I checked out that thread before I posted this - my only issue with that topic is that they're referring to a "bedroom with en suite", which seems to be the same as an "en suite bathroom"

    is an "en suite bedroom" the same as an "a bedroom with en suite bathroom"? I'm confused
  6. andym Senior Member

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    Yes I'd say that's probably what the author means - although strictly speaking an 'ensuite bedroom' would be a bedroom that adjoins another bedroom and is linked to it by a door.
  7. fedefu85 Member

    thanks andym - that makes sense!

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