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The phrase "bee propoleum" was from a Cuban medical research journal. I cannot find any listing of it in the US, but my only info is that it may be a common cure-all in Latin America.

Trying to find out if propoleum is really just another expression for bee propolis ( which is a waxy substance used to patch and line the hive).

Would be very grateful for any info you may have. My only lead so far was from some place that used it as a minor ingredient in some candies/lozenges. Trying to find out where I can get the pure product.
Thanks so much!

  • begoña fernandez

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    Hello Greg welcome to the forum,

    Propóleo - lo he visto vender en los herbolarios y se utiliza para aumentar las defensas del organismo

    Efectivamente lo fabrican las abejas para bañar las colmenas y vasos antes de obrar.

    En España se utilizar en herbolarios como alimento que aumenta las defensas del organismo y se vende con el nombre genérico de Própóleo.

    Saludos desde Madrid


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    Same here, in México is very easy to find it at natural health stores under the name "propóleo". About webpages, it's not allowed by the forum rules, sorry.

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