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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by arnold_84, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. arnold_84

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    Hi All, in my book I have just read a funny thing... what is it the verb “CAN” past participle? I’ve found “been able to”... what does it mean? I should write in example “They had been able to play football” or “I had been able to sky with my eyes shut”. Thanks for advices.
  2. shamblesuk

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    Imperfetto - used to be able to
    Passato - could

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    Ciao di nuovo...
    By 'PP' do you mean "past participle"?

    "Been able to" = sono riuscito
    I have been able to fix the car.
    You have been able to use the internet. (sei riuscito)
  4. arnold_84

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    Italy - Sardinia - Italiano!!!
    Ok yes, I've already got it. In fact, I thought It sounded so strange!!! It change totally! It's so funny! In my opinion I thought the past participle of CAN was "could" as the past simple! :D

    Ok. thanks you again.
  5. Einstein

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    I could = potevo, potrei, potessi
    I was able = ho potuto, potei, sono riuscito ecc.
    I have been able: more limited in its use. I have never been able to understand... = Non sono mai riuscito a capire...

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