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  1. sisisi! Member

    What's the difference between "to have a beer on tap" and "a draft beer"?

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  2. hillybilly Senior Member

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    Well, you would say, "This pub has/keeps beer(s) on tap" = "This pub has/keeps draft beer(s)" but you would ask for "a draft beer", not a beer on tap.
  3. Zarcero Senior Member

    Spanglish, Costa Rica
    Same thing, in that they come from a chorro as opposed to being in a bottle or can. The canned and bottled stuff has more preservatives in it then the stuff on tap/draft. Man I could use Dos Equis about now!
  4. ComoUnCocodrilo New Member

    Two ways to explain the exact same concept. You can ask for a Bud draft or a Bud on tap and it makes complete sense. Espero que te haya aydado
  5. Sara41984 Member

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    How do you say "draft beer" or "beer on tap"? I saw in wordreference that "cerveza tirada" means draft beer, but only in Argentina. Is there another phrase that's more common throughout latin america?
  6. St. Nick Senior Member

    Cerveza de barril.

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