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    Hello again all

    I am translating some beer tasting notes and I have come across the following: La nariz destaca por un fino de intensidad malteada media.

    I am wondering what "fino" is as a noun in this context. My try: The aroma is characterised by an intense, medium malt xxx.
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    Sorry - I should have mentioned that the tasting notes are on an organic beer.
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    Seems like "fino" is an adjective and the noun is misssing. Regards.
  5. k-in-sc

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    Yes, I think the word "aroma" is missing.
    Note that "nose" is a beer-tasting term, same as wine.
    un fino aroma de intensidad malteada media: a fine aroma of medium malt intensity
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    Thanks, that is exactly how I will translate it.

    Ah family to the rescue again!
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    Glad we could help. Make sure to tell your client it looks like there's a word missing ...

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