beetle-browed naysayer

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What does it mean to say that a person is a "beetle-browed naysayer"?

Here is the context:
This Hanssen is such a beetle-browed naysayer, dispensing religious bromides in his black suits, that he comes off as ludicrous—something out of a horror movie. Cooper does give Hanssen a streak of intellectual vanity, which may be the key to the double agent’s character, but one wants him to open up the man a bit more—to give him a touch of glee, perhaps.
  • Ecossaise

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    "beetle-browed" - has very heavy eyebrows, perhaps running across the bridge of the nose.

    "naysayer" - someone who objects to almost everything and blocks anyone from doing something, usually on religious or moral grounds. Comes from the Ten Commandments, which largely say "Thou shalt not [do something].
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