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    I was just wondering if befinden means different things (to find onself and to be located) depending on context OR depending on whether or not it is used reflexively. Can it ever be used non-reflexively? For example:

    Ich befand mich da. (I found myself there.) Obviously needs to be reflexive.

    Es befindet (???) hier. (It is located here.) If it has to be reflexive, obviously sich goes in place of the ???. If it only means "to be located" when it is not reflexive, however, I would assume you could put either es or nothing there. Which one is correct?! Both? Neither?

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    "befinden" has several meanings but in your case it's always reflexive.

    Ich befand mich da.
    Es befindet sich hier.

    The meaning of "sich befinden" (to be located / situated) is exactly the same in both sentences.

    There's also "sich (wieder)finden":

    Ich fand mich in einem dunklen Raum wieder. (I found myself in a dark room.)

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