before funds are obligated....


I would like to know the best translation of this phrase from American English into Latin American Spanish.

Colleagues from Spain, feel free to send me your suggestions as well. This is a translation of a public meeting about early care. Is okay to translate it as antes de que los fondos sean forzados y gastados.??

Thanks for you help.

Here is the full paragraph for your review:

3) Ensure that funds are approved by the PC before funds are obligated and spent.
(4) Attend the monthly Executive Committee meeting.

Sergeant-at-Arms shall:
(1) Assume all duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence..
  • What kind of organization is it? Public or private funds? In what country? You need to give is background information every time you open a thread here, regardless of the level of detail in the source text or how easy you think the translation might be.
    Hi Fenixpollo,

    I have just got your message. I was not connected to the internet. It's a Policy Council Leadership training. It's for an organization that help parents to pay for child care for their children. The organization is located in The USA. Thanks for your help. Triangle.