Before I didn't know how to say or pronounce

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I have it in my mind on how to say it but I'm not very confident, I 'd like a native speaker to correct me
I would like to know how to say in Romanian this phrase: înainte, nu știam să spune sau pronunț asta.

Mersi mult pentru ajutor!
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    Again, the context is everything, mannucci 🙂

    I didn't know how to say this before (meaning how to use and which words to use to express something) -> Înainte nu știam cum să spun asta.

    For the other meaning of how to pronounce a word or expression, one would use "nu știam cum să pronunț".

    There may be a case where you didn't know what word(s) to use: Nu știam cum să-i zic.

    In conclusion, what is the context? The rules for translation help on WR are asking you to do so.
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