Before Metallica would agree to its first-ever corporate gig


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These are the lines from the article 'Battle of the Bands: Tech Firms Compete for Rock Stars', published in in January 2012:
'Some stars make demands of their own: Before Metallica would agree to its first-ever corporate gig, for last year, the band stipulated that several hundred members of its fan club be allowed to attend free.'

What function does the word 'would' perform here? Is it to show that Metallica unwillingly agreed to play this gig?
What if we changed this part like this:'Before Metallica agreed to its first-ever corporate gig, ...'?

Thank you in advance.
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    It means that the band would not have agreed to the performance if there had not been the stipulation for free tickets for fans. The stipulation had to come first, before the band would make an agreement to play.


    I understand it as just "future in the past".
    The band said that they would agree if something was done (we will agree if some our fans are allowed to attend free).
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