before yielding to McConnell

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The plan developed by the two leaders would open the government until Jan. 15 and extend the debt ceiling through Feb. 7.
Reid called the deal “historic,” and cautioned others keep the rhetoric to a minimum. “This is not a time for pointing fingers or blame. This is a time for reconciliation,” Reid said,
before yielding to McConnell.

Source: What The Three Month Can-Kicking “Deal” Looks Like

This is taken from yesterday's breaking news about the end of the federal government shutdown. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced on the Senate floor a bipartisan deal to end the shutdown and restore everything in order.

Hi native speakers,
does "before yielding" mean "before he gave way for McConnell to speak"?
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    Thank you very much JustKate.

    I'd like to ask another related question. Is my proposed suggestion "he gave way for McConnell to speak" good enough to explain the meaning of "yielding"? I feel that it doesn't quite capture "to allow someone to speak when his turn arrives"
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    Keep in mind that to "yield (the floor)" is a term specific to parliamentary procedure, which under the rules of the body in question (here the US Senate) may imply more than just "allowing someone to speak".

    Parliamentary Procedure
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