began as a drama in education organization


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Sistren Theatre Collective, Jamaica is an independent women’s organization established in 1977 that began as a drama in education organisation
mounting full length plays and conducting workshops about women’s issues,
based on real experiences affecting women.

What does the phrase in bold mean? Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.
  • Grady412

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    The Collective apparently uses theatre as a means of instruction. I would hyphenate drama in education so that it reads "as a drama-in-education organisation."


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    From what I see on the internet, Grady412 is exactly right about what the Collective actually does. However, that's not how I would read the sentence; "drama in education" would mean to me "an organization that does something regarding theatre in the schools" - teaches acting to kids, or financially supports theatre departments, or something. "Educational drama" is what I would probably use to describe the Collective.
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