beginning in about a week / in about a week

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Beginning in about a week, Kogi will take over the kitchen at David Reiss' Alibi Room, effectively establishing the brand's first bricks-and-mortar location.
This is from an article in the Los Angeles Times and the article is about a taco truck, Kogi Korean BBQ.

I'd like to know the difference between "beginning in about a week" and "in about a week". Would it change the meaning if I leave "beginning" out?
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    You will often hear people say "Beginning in a week..." or "Starting in a week..." but this construction is unnecessary. "Beginning" is redundant. "In about a week" is all you need.


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    Though the difference is slight, your sentence is slightly redundant as it is, including "beginning." Because you already say Kogi will "take over" the kitchen, it is implied that he will be beginning a new role there, and thus "beginning" is unnecessary in the sentence.

    Hope this helps!
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