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Dear friends!

The Peter and Paul Cathedral in St.Petersburg http://www.google.ru/imglanding?q=P...s=isch:1&start=3#tbnid=EwWnwwctr_AdGM&start=7 is now a museum and a burial vault of Russian Emperors. Russian monarchs beginning from Peter the Great (1672-1725) are buried there. The last monarch who now rests in the cathedral was Nickolas II assasinated by Bolshevicks with his entire family in 1917. I wonder if the following sentence is correct:

All Russian monarchs beginning/starting from Peter the Great and

1) ending with Nicholas II
2) till Nickolas II
3) up to Nickolas II

are buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral

I am not sure about the second part of the sentence and I do not really know which version sounds best to you. Also I have some doubts about "beginning" and "starting". I suppose "beginning" is better but I would like a native to confirm my opinion.

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    I would not have a problem with:
    All Russian monarchs beginning with Peter the Great and ending with Nicholas II were buried...

    Till, I think, mostly wants to be used with times and events, not people, as its objects:
    Beginning with Peter the Great, all Russian monarchs were buried at the Peter and Paul Cathedral till (or until) the monarchy ended with the abdication of Nicholas II in 1917.

    I would reserve "up to" for cases when you really mean to emphasize the inclusion of everything to a certain point and no more:
    I would pay up to 300 rubles to enter the Peter and Paul cathedral, but not more than that.
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