'behalf' in real use?


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hi , i was searching the word 'behalf' and got a little bit.
but still dont get the real use in real sentences.
what kind of situation can i use this word? (is it only used in newspaper?)

and plus, on my self discussing it, i found a sentence
"They've gone into president of the on their customer's behalf."

and i get another question.
what's the right meaning ? does it mean " they've gone to the president to talk abt their(customer's) behalf" ?
and why does it use 'of the' in the middle of the sentence?
  • lucas-sp

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    This sentence is quite simply wrong, meaningless, and non-grammatical:
    They've gone into president of the on their customer's behalf
    To act "on someone's behalf" is to act "for someone," "to benefit someone" or "in the place of someone"/"as someone's representative."

    "Behalf" is slightly more formal than some other words, but it is used in everyday contexts.
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