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    I'm hoping someone can help me - I need to translate into English the terms "behandelend arts (studiearts)" and "beoordelend arts". I have looked them up extensively online and it seems that these specific roles are unique to the Netherlands and are hard to translate. The context is this:

    De behandelend arts (‘studiearts’) is verantwoordelijk voor het uitvoeren van uw lichamelijke onderzoeken en veiligheidsbeoordelingen evenals voor de controle van uw laboratoriumtests.
    De beoordelend arts zal verantwoordelijk zijn voor uw neurologische onderzoeken.

    Kan iemand me hiermee helpen? Dank!


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    Hello Leo,

    This website says that in the Netherlands someone's illness, regarding insurance matters, cannot simply be stated by the behandelend arts but needs to be confirmed by a beoordelend arts. Maybe doctor in attendance and medical advisor distinguish between the two.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks! It was a difficult one.. :)

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