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behave towards/with a woman

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Grammar / Gramática Español-Inglés' started by Carl65db, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Carl65db

    Carl65db New Member

    Buenos días, quisiera saber cuando se debe usar y cuáles son las diferencias en cuánto a significado de las expresiones "behave with" y "behave towards", pongo los siguientes ejemplos, para que por favor me digan cuál es correcto y si significan lo mismo.

    He knows how to behave towards a woman.
    He knows how to behave with a woman.

    Muchas gacias.
  2. wolfram_beta Senior Member

    Boston, MA, USA
    English - American
    "Towards" is a very common preposition paired with the verb "to behave". I checked a few different "English collocation" dictionaries, and they all list "towards". Your second version, using "with", sounds odd to me. Perhaps you want to say, "He knows how to behave when he's with a woman"?

    Is there an original Spanish sentence you're trying to translate to English? If so, could you share it?
  3. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    San Francisco
    American English
    Both sound natural to me, although there is a difference in nuance. The first one refers to appropriate behavior, how a man is expected by society to treat a woman, whereas the second one is more personal and refers to how he acts when he is with a woman. The difference is very subtle, but personally I would use each in a different scenario.

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