behind-the-scenes observation mixed in

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IN THE SPRING of 1989 Caroline Crawford was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel.
With the new rank came a new posting, so the silver Porsche’s first trip was south from War Plans in the Pentagon to Fort Smith in Georgia.
High-level on-the-ground liaison was crucial.With a little surreptitious behind-the-scenes observation mixed in.

Source: No Middle Name by Lee Child
Context: Beginning of new novella. Not much context to share.

What mixed in refer to her? What does it mean?

Other words I looked up:

surreptitious: kept secret, especially because it would not be approved of - they carried on a surreptitious affair.

Thank you.
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    A little surreptitious behind-the-scenes observation was added to the "mix," along with high-level on-the-ground liaison. Those are the "ingredients" that made up her activities.
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