being a little bit cuckoo

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Could he have become a champion if he’d stayed that way? “Yes, but not to the extent I am today. I might have won a few slams, big tournaments, stayed in the top 10 for a long time, who knows.” ... “Well, I’ve won 17, so maybe I could have won a few being a little bit cuckoo, but I’m not sure.

(This comes from Roger Federer: ‘I need the fire, the excitement, the whole rollercoaster by Simon Hattenstone on 8 Jun 2016.)

Does the blue part mean "being a little bit cuckoo, I could have won a few ---> If I had been a little crazy, I could have a few slams, though they might be less than 17."

Thanks in advance!
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    I think it means "If I had stayed a little bit cuckoo, I could have won a few of those 17, but likely not all of them."*

    *He won the 17 after he stopped being a little bit cuckoo.
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