Being a treasurer and having played rugby has enhanced


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<< Please focus on tense question.* >> I am using past tense in sentence A and both past and present tense in sentence B. Please kindly help me. Also suggest better alternatives if I am wrong. Highly appreciated.

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B) Being a treasurer at the temple and having played rugby in my previous school, has enhanced my teamwork skills.



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    Here I can see the "Who" and I think it's pretty good.

    If I were to put it in an alternate way I would say;

    "Being a treasurer at the temple and having played rugby at my previous school has improved my teamwork skills."

    So, why did I make it like this? I will explain.

    I used "at" instead of "in" because the "in" makes me think that you are willing to talk more about your life in your former school.

    So from what I understand, the point you are making is that your teamwork skills have been improved (or enhanced if you will).

    Keeping with the point then, I am just providing an alternative way of saying it.

    So I used "at" to express that you were just "at" that location.

    I also used "improved" instead of "enhanced", as the word "enhance" seems (to me perhaps), too harsh of word; like too much excellent pressure that the person speaking would be putting on himself or herself. So I'm thinking that maybe the word "enhanced" could be better applied if it's about an athlete's performance or a machine or computer, for example.
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