being brought/torn/demolished down

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They are bringing down that building.

If I change the above into a passive sentence, which verb should I use, brougt, torn or demolished? Thanks.

That building is being brought/torn/demolished down by them.
  • GreenWhiteBlue

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    USA - English
    The building is being torn down is natural English, and indicates to me either that the building is about to be demolished, or else the demolition is in progress.

    The building is being brought down sounds strange to my ears. If I wanted to use the passive voice, and the verb "bring down", it would only sound right to me if it were something like The building was brought down by an explosion.


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    British English
    'bring down' in this context sounds very strange to my ear. 'tear down', 'knock down' or 'pull down' are the more usual expressions fro demolish.
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