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From CPE Practice Tests:

.... that it was just third class and steerage travellers who had to go through the Ellis island application and sifting procuedure, it is significant that 40 per cent of present-day Americans are descended from people who were processed there on arrival in the US.

Can someone explain why "being" doesn't fit the dotted line? According to my book it should be "considering" or "given". Does "being" also work?

Thank you in advance.
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    Does "being" also work?
    Yes, I think it is equivalent to "given" and "considering", in that function.
    I also think you will find "given" to be, by far, the most frequent of the three.


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    'being' doesn't work for me. I am struggling to give a convincing reason. I think I first need to understand why 'considering' seems okay.


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    I think that "being that" is substandard, unlike considering or given.
    But this may also mean that I have never picked up on being in what I read or hear. It just sounds dialectical to me (BE).
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    I agree with E2efour (post #5). In AE, too, "being" in this context is—while fairly common in speech—distinctly substandard. It would certainly never be used in writing for publication, and many of us (including me) wouldn't use it in speech, either. Either given or considering is fine, in my opinion.
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