1. Joulin Member

    Hi, I´m having problems translating this sentence "I'm humbled"

    The context is I'm blessed and humbled to be able to share at your grouth.

    Could someoneh help?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Sallyb36

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    British UK
  3. isabel.eim

    isabel.eim Senior Member

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    Me siento honrado...


    Grouth es growth?
  4. Joulin Member

    Oh, yes, I´m sorry, I think I´m a bit tired..and thanks for the translation, that is really appropiate...

    Thanks again
  5. manuel_zazueta New Member

    Hello, I don't think a proper translation for being humbled is the same as "being honoured". For example, Barack Obama was awarded the nobel peace prize in the past day, and he said he was "surprised and deeply humbled" this implies he feeling honoured, but I think a proper translation of this phrase is not going to be found in 2 words, deeply humbled I would translate as: "con un sentimiento de humildad". I think it passes on the "humbled" sentiment better than: "honrado". (and my reference to the Obama speech was because every news channel and press in Mexico translated it as being honoured...)
  6. wicca

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    Hello Manuel!
    I don't think I totally agree with you. In English, to be humbled means to be deeply touched by something and I believe that the translation into Spanish sentirse honrado gets that same idea across.

    There is a lot of controversy these days on how Obama's words should have been translated since the wording in Spanish does not necessarily include the word "humilde".

    I agree with you when you say the proper translation might have to include a couple more words... but that could also imply a change in the "literal" meaning. I would have said Obama declaró sentirse humildemente agradecido instead... but then when he said he was humbled, was he also saying he was thankful?

    Translating the nuances of one language into another language is a really difficult task. Plus I have read things like "Obama se sintió humilde" which is a really lousy translation of "being humbled" and a pretty incorrect use of Spanish.

    Anyway, just another point of view... :)
  7. spodulike

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    Joulin, ese ejemplo mostra porqué es vital dar contexto y esencial escribir exactamente

    I think it´s "group"

    "To share" can mean "to share one´s feelings and experiences" at, say an AA group"

    "Estoy bendito y respetuoso en compartir (mis sentimientos y experiencias) en su grupo" (Is my Spanish OK?)

    AA .... Alcoholics Anonymous
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  8. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    Hi Manuel, and welcome to the forum. I think that what you have said makes a lot of sense. Politicians don't always mean what they say of course, because they are trying to get the maximum effect out of their rhetoric, but "feeling of humility" sounds reasonable in English too.

    Oh, and I agree with spodulike - it's a group.
  9. stumerr Senior Member

    US English
    yes I think "to be humbled" is not the same as "to be honored." To be humbled is "to have more humility." "To reduce feelings of one's importance." (The experience of feeling "humble" can be a positive instead of negative one)

    Feeling honored is more at being grateful for being recognized for something, or to appreciate being included, etc.

    my 2 cents
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  10. stumerr Senior Member

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    This is an interesting topic to me b/c I wonder if this meaning of "humble" I'm referring to -- feeling less important AND glad for it -- has an analog in Spanish.
  11. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    You could have a point there stummer. Not sure about the Spanish.

    There's also that feeling of 'inadequacy' on visualising the enormous size of the universe and how trivial our solar system is within it.

    Of course, Obama couldn't say that he was 'inadequate' to the huge task of showing that he was worthy of the peace prize, but I bet that's exactly how he felt when he said that he was deeply humbled, and yet at the same time hoping that he would be up to the job.
  12. mantemante New Member

  13. spodulike

    spodulike Senior Member

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    Sí, gracias. It sounds very formal to me as well. Not at all suitable for Alcoholics Anonymous!
  14. JuanoSch

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    Perdón por llegar tarde, pero creo que una posible traducción sería "estar conmovido".


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