being on SHROOMS?

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  • ewhite

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    I've never heard shrooms used except in reference to psychedelic mushrooms, and if the phrase is "on shrooms", then most definitely we are talking about psychedelics.


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    I vaguely remember a House episode concerning shrooms, and yes, definitely, it was psilocybin or peyote they were talking about.


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    English - Australia
    It's an Australian abbreviation for 'mushrooms'.

    Might I just say it's a not very common abbreviation for mushrooms in my part of Australia. I had never heard of it until I saw it on the menu of a fairly funky café a few months ago and have not seen it anywhere else since. It looked pretty silly to me!

    There's a possibility that it is used more often in the eastern states of Australia - we have quite different slang/abbreviations on each side of the country.

    EDIT: The magic mushroom reference may explain the use of "shrooms" at the café - it was a bit of a hippy place. :)


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    I haven't heard shrooms since the late 1960s, when the term was common among U.S.
    college students. No doubt they were all studying botany by black light, with Janis Joplin
    caterwauling in the background to aid concentration.


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    That is a very common word to use in common conversations in high school (America).
    As in.. "He's crazy, is he on shrooms or something."


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    I agree with Carpe. "Shrooms" can only mean one thing in America, and that's "magic mushrooms".
    I would never say:
    "Hey dad, I'm going to the store to buy shrooms for the spaghetti!" He would think I was either trying to be funny or attempting to drug the food.
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