"being" or " it is" ?

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In addition to ....... a place where
business deals are made, a stock exchange collects statistics, publishes price quotations, and sets rules and standards for trading.
(A) being
(B) it is
(C) that which
(D) where is​

-- I guessed the anwer is " being" but why not "it is"?
is not both of them lead to the same meaning?
  • PaulQ

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    In addition to needs a noun or noun phrase to follow it. Being is a noun (a gerund) The noun phrase is "being a place where business deals are made"

    Thus In addition to something, something else..."

    In addition to = as well as. You will see that "it is" cannot follow this construction. You could say, In addition to it is... but that was not the question.
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