being out of someone's league

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What does someone mean when he says: ''She's out of my league'' ? I thought it might be something like: ''she's so far away from me.'' Am I right?
  • Lemminkäinen

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    Norwegian (bokmål)
    Hi ulkrhsn,

    It's an expression generally used about dating and picking people up - if someone's out of your league, it means that the chances of picking them up are small (as in they are "too attractive" for you).
    Imagine several leagues, but instead of football teams, there are people :D


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    American/British English
    It means that they are in some way of a higher "social status" than you, so you don't think they would have a relationship with you.


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    Hello everyone,

    could a native speaker please tell me if "out of someone's league" can only be said of people? Can it ever be used when speaking of something one can't afford? For example, "This restaurant is way too expensive. Completely out of my league". I believe that's wrong but still I would like to receive a confirmation.

    Thank you.


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    British English
    "This restaurant is way too expensive. Completely out of my league".
    No, not wrong. The expression is not restricted to people. You could use it about cars, motorcycles, difficult mountain-climbing routes, or even football ;)
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