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    Ciao a tutti,

    I need help with the correct translation of "being served notice"
    The dictionary reads "being formally informed of something", but please read the context:

    << The refit of the area (in a department store) meant that the unitary for our brand was not reusable, as the overall space for accessories was being reduced, with many brands being served notice>>

    Could it be that in this case "being served notice" means "being put out of the department" (served notice of being put out)?

    Thanks a lot to everybody who can help me!!
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    Ciao Maryscotti,

    In this context, "being served notice" just means "given a warning" or "being notified" that something will happen.

    The phrase (serve notice) most-likely comes from the legal meaning (given a document), but it is common in colloquial usage, and is a very strong way of warning someone.


    John: Ok mom, I'm going out!
    Mom: Oh really? I'm serving you notice that you better be back home by 10PM!
    ______________I'm warning you______that....

    Gucci has become very competitive and has served notice on Zegna that there is not enough room for both of them on Via Condotti.

    Yes, being told that there isn't enough room for them.
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    Thanks a lot TimLA!!! You really helped me.

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