being settled or to be settled


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Lausanne Agreement

Turkey hereby renounces all rights and title whatsoever over or respecting the territories situated outside the frontiers laid down in the present Treaty and the islands other than those over which Her sovereignty is recognised by the said Treaty, the future of these territories and islands being settled or to be settled by the parties concerned.
The provisions of the present Article do not prejudice any special' arrangements arising from neighbourly relations which have been or may be concluded between Turkey and any limitrophe countries.

Can you explain what the difference is between 'being settled or to be settled'?
Thanks in advance.

Please correct if there are grammatical mistakes in my writings.
  • "to be" as used here is a sort of a formal legalistic term backed up by an agency of government with the power to enforce its ruling. 'to be... " (at some future time not yet determined )(by mandate of this court/agency, office, etc.)...settled later as we now so declare.

    "will be" doesn't have that authoritative feel or nuance to it at all.
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