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How do you interpret the underlined sentence in the following context?

We like to think we’re pretty sophisticated when it comes
to voting for politicians.Oh, sure, we’ve all heard that the taller guy usually wins.
But we’re being smart—we consider their policies and

Does it mean ' We're not as smart as we thought'?

Thank you in advance.
  • GreenWhiteBlue

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    USA - English
    No. It means that we are not mindlessly voting for the candidate whose physical appearance we find more attractive, but are instead acting intelligently by choosing the candidate whose policies we prefer.

    The tone of this sentence, by the way, seems to be ironic.


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    Canadian English
    I would say it means the voter is using more intelligence when electing a government. Physical appearance has less to do with how we vote, we listen more to what the candidate stands for. I really hope that is true!
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