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Discussion in 'English Only' started by ulkrhsn, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. ulkrhsn New Member

    I was trying to figure out what 'being spoiled' exactly means.What does someone mean when he says that he's spoiled by something?
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    It means other people are doing too much for him, or, he gets too many luxuries.
  3. mjscott Senior Member

    It means that he has been treated luxuriously.
    If you have a housekeeper who washes and irons your shirts, cleans your house and makes sure you have fresh sheets on the bed each week, then you are out on a jungle safari without your housekeeper, you might say that you were spoiled by your surroundings at home.

    Being spoiled is also a term used for an indulgent child, whose parents give him everything--including the liberty to the whim of each emotion passing through his head. Such a child--who has never learned to control his own emotions--will stand out as immature when his whims chide against the rein of self-control or acceptable societal norms.

    You can also say in a complementary way, "You are spoiling me!"--when someone is treating you extremely well.

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    1. After a nice gesutre or gift one my say: "Oh Sally, you are just spoiling me!" This means, Sally really didn't neet to get me a gift, she is just too nice and generous.

    2. Also one might say: "Katie's parents are really spoiling her, she is turing into a brat!" Often when parents spoil a child it means that they are sort of weak parents that give thier kid whatever they want: candy, gifts, ect. If you are a spoiled chid you are often though as unappreciative of what you are given and a brat

    I hope this helps!
  5. ulkrhsn New Member

    wow it was very helpful..thanks a lot :eek:
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    Hello , thanks for your explanation, it is really clear.

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  7. JamesM

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    Just a note... the child is indulged, the parents are indulgent. :)
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    Thank you

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