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    Context: I can't move without him being there

    My attempt: não Posso mudar sem Ele sendo ali

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    Please refer to this thread for learning the differences between ser and estar: Eu sou/estou saudável. For the difference between and ali, see aí, ali, lá.

    Anyway, your specific sentence would need to be reworded in Portuguese into something like não posso me mudar sem ele por perto or não posso viver longe dele. If he currently lives with you, não posso me mudar sem ele. Notice how there's no need to add any additional verb (estar) to this structure.

    I found another sentence with without x being there: "Can I use my dad's credit card without him being there?". Here are some possibilities in Portuguese: Posso usar o cartão do meu pai? Posso usar o cartão do meu pai sem a presença dele? Posso usar o cartão do meu pai sozinho?
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