Belarusian: life in black/darkness


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I am trying to figure out how life in black (la vie en noir) is said. If it sounds weird, it is possible to change it to make it work.

For example: Life in darkness or life is full of darkness.

I know that corny is black,
zyccio is the life but zyccio corny seems weird.

I am trying to explain something to someone, it's about avant garde art. Life is full of darkness. I am a female, talking to a male if that helps any.

I can read Cyrillic so you may write it out in Belarusian. Дзякуй !
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    Life in black would indeed sound very weird. Life in darkness would translate as жыццё ў цемры (in łacinka: žyćcio ŭ ciemry).