Belarusian: please mind the gap


Hi everyone,
I am looking for the typical sentence that you can hear on the underground in Minsk.
In London this would be "please mind the gap", but in other countries it is usually "please step back, doors are closing. The next station is ...".
Could someone type it out for me ? (I can read cyrillic).
  • cyanista

    законодательница мод
    If I remember correctly it is “Паважаныя пасажыры, калi ласка, не падыходзьце да краю платформы! Не заходзьце за абмежавальную лінію!" very literally saying "Dear passengers, please do not approach the edge of the platform! Do not cross the restrictive line!"

    Mind you, this announcement comes between train arrivals. The equivalent of "please step back, doors are closing" would be "Асцярожна, дзверы зачыняюцца."