belated birthday ......................(PRFRD)

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can you please tell me if i have made errors... gracias todos..

hii konny!
hola konny!
how are you?
como estas?
it's time to put my spanish to the test haha.
es hora de poner mi español a la prueba haha.
thank you for the message!!!
gracias por tu mensaje
i see it was your birthday!!
veo que era su cumpleaños
happy belated birthday baby!
felicitaciones tardias mijita!
your older than me!! im twenty next year.. :(
su más viejo que mí!! im los veinte años próximos.: (
did you enjoy yourself?
tu se gozó?
write back!!
escribe de vuelta
  • pecosita

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    Español de México
    Hi Konny!
    ¡Hola konny!

    How are you?
    ¿Cómo estás?

    It's time to put my spanish to the test haha.
    Es hora de poner mi español a prueba, jajaja

    Thank you for the message!!!
    Gracias por tu mensaje

    I see it was your birthday!!
    Veo que fue tu cumpleaños

    Happy belated birthday baby!
    ¡Feliz cumpleaños atrasado, bebé!

    You're older than me!! I'm twenty next year.
    Eres mayor que yo, yo cumplo veinte el próximo año. : (

    Did you enjoy yourself?
    ¿Te la pasate bien?

    Write back!!
    Escribe de nuevo.

    Besos y abrazos


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    English (AE)
    I do not know if you are asking about errors in Spanish or English, but you have both, in abundance.
    Per the Rules (see link below) "chatspeak" is not acceptable. This means, in English Ivs. i, Im vs. I'm, etc., as well as employing appropriate capitals and punctuation.
    In Spanish, it means the above, plus accent marks.

    Pecosita has corrected all the errors. Please try to pay attention to these in future posts and threads.
    Thank you
    WR Rules – Reglas de WR
    sobre Contexto - about Context & Background.
    sobre Títulos - concerning Titles
    Accent Marks / Tildes
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