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Hi all,
I have always used the expression "Sorry for my late reply" to apologise for being late in replying to an e-mail.
Recently I have been told that this is not correct English, but a common mistake made by non native speakers (especially Italians) and that the correct sentence would be "Sorry for my belated response". Since I find conflicting information about this in the internet, I would kindly ask some native speakers to shed light on it.

(Sorry for any mistakes I may have made...and happy if you let me know).

Thanks in advance and regards.
  • Miss Julie

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    You were told wrong. "Sorry for my late reply" (with or without "I'm") is perfectly grammatical and acceptable.

    "I'm sorry/Sorry (or I apologize/ise) for my belated response" is fine, too.

    suzi br

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    English / England
    Well, I wonder who told you this? Your usual way seems fine to me and the suggested alternative seems a little pompous for most contexts, but obviously an option.

    'Sorry for the delay in responding' is another option!


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    Me too, i use the same expression in my massages and emails. this is the first time someone told me this is wrong ! sometimes i used "sorry for being late" :)

    Keith Bradford

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    As a general rule, the longer a sentence, the more formal it is. So "I am sorry for my belated response" is just a more formal way of saying "Sorry for my late reply". Both are correct. The first might be found in a letter from the Town Hall, the second in an e-mail from a friend.

    (Technically speaking, a reply is an answer in words, while a response may be an action or a gesture, but the principle remains.)


    Thanks a lot for the clarification and for your quick reaction (I hope the latter is correct too, because I often use this as well!!!)
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