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    What is the difference between those words, and what are their infinitives?

    You can't trust google translator and none of those words are in my dictionary.

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    Hello NagyKiss,

    Because of the one question per thread rule (please, open another thread for the other verbs), I can only help you with one verb here:

    belesett <- belesni (vmin (át), valahova) = to spy into, peep into
    It is a pre-verb (be = in/into) + verb (lesni= to peep/spy) construction, this is why the way of expressing space after it can vary.
    (No overall rule, see individual cases.)

    Belesett a kulcslyukon, hogy lássa, ki hangoskodik a szobában. - He peeped through the keyhole to see who is making such a noise in the room.
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    P.S. I gave the infinitive form above but if you want to look it up in a dictionary, the 3rd person Singular form is necessary for verbs. In this case: beles vhova (short of valahova, which may or may not be necessary to find the verb - depending on the dictionary).

    You can consult our Resources page (here), there are plenty of online dictionaries mentioned there. (After having tried them myself, the only place I could find a result was here which is not even an online dictionary but a translating site.)

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