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hi, my name is lisa.
my boyfriend is part lebanese, and for christmas i want to get him a ring engraved with either the word "remember" or "believe" written in arabic. ive tried a few translation sites, but nothing is really exact. i want this to be a special gift, something that comes from my heart. unfortunately, i am very uneducated in arabic and the lebanese culture in general, so im having a bit of trouble.
if anyone has any ideas as to what i can give him as a gift, or if anyone can just translate the words "remember" or "believe" for me, it would be greatly appreciated.
thank you so much !
- lisa . :D
  • Believe - Amen - آمن


    Remember - Tazakkar - تذكر

    Why don't you engrave with your names or initials instead?
    i actually have a ring (which im wearing right now!) with our initials engraved. its very pretty, and he has told me he loves it. i was definately thinking about doing our names and possibley anniversary date, but i wanted to put the words instead if i could find a way to do so. they have so much meaning in our relationship because i dont see him much while he is away at school in PA. but we believe in each other and what we have, and always remember the love that we share. haha, and looking back im sure this sounds a bit cheesey, but its the truth.

    thank you so so so so so much, i cant say it enough!!
    - lisa
    you might want to wait for someone to add vowels to the arabic words and maybe write it with some more interesting fonts.
    i didnt realize there was more to it. i'll be able to wait for a few days. if no one else replies, will the words that you posted be okay for me to use?
    There's more to it because vowels are usually not written in Arabic. For "fancy" writing (calligraphy and such), they are usually included.

    Here are the vowelized versions:

    believe: آمِنْ
    remember: تَذَكَّرْ