Bella figa

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Cissi, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Cissi Member

    Västervik, Sweden
    sweden swedish
    I'm a bit confused!?

    I'm trying to translate this sentence, but I think it have other meanings!?
    "ciao que bello figa"

    I thought it was - "Hello beutiful girl".
    But I'm not sure how to translate - "figa".
    And shouldn't it be Bella Figa... Please help me.
  2. Alan7075

    Alan7075 Senior Member

    Actually "ciao que bello figa" doesn't make much sense and is not the phrase and Italian would say.

    It could be "Ciao bella figa" but that's not a smart remark I would be proud of as an Italian. In this case it means "Hello beautiful girl"

    Ciao Ciao
  3. Cissi Member

    Västervik, Sweden
    sweden swedish
    Thats what I thought. Thanks alot!
  4. Alan7075

    Alan7075 Senior Member

    You are welcome.

    Ciao Ciao
  5. CristoferoJ

    CristoferoJ Member

    English, England
    Italians ill correct me if I am wrong, but I think we English speakers, need to be careful when using the word figa or fica, since it has a commonly-used vulgar meaning. I have been told that "figa secca" or "fica secca" is a slang expression used to describe something very annoying. Therefore I would be concerned that "che bella figa" could be misinterpreted... :eek:
  6. Fair enough and sage counsel indeed, but this begs the question of how a naturally flirtatious grandfather coyote (like me) would craft such a sentence and not offend.

    (Aside: In the US south we say, “Hey, little darlin'.”. . .which says little, offends few, and implies a warm appreciation.)
  7. sam1978

    sam1978 Senior Member

    italy - italiano
    It should be Milanese dialect, shouldn't it?
    It's a vulgar expression as Cristoferoj said.

    Yes, it means "Hello, beautiful girl".

    Are you sure that is not "Ciao che bella :warn:figa"?
  8. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    Bella :warn:figa can be equal to "piece of :warn:ass".
  9. london calling Senior Member


    The last man that called me that got clouted round the head..:('s no good saying it means "What a beautiful girl" (which, in their intentions, it does, I'm sure), because the literal meaning is just SO rude and implies that women are sex objects etc.

    I'm not being hypocritical, but I prefer to be called a "beautiful girl" even if I know what the bloke's really thinking :D!
  10. Guy_TO Senior Member

    Italy (Italian)
    I do agree with London Calling. "Che bella figa" is a very rude way to address a woman. Men (I hope that London Calling will forgive me...) tend to use such an expression when talking between them and want to say that a girl is quite beautiful.
  11. london calling Senior Member

    You're forgiven! ;)

    That's exactly what I meant, I probably didn't express myself very clearly: I KNOW that's what men would think (or say to their friends), but GOD HELP THEM if they actually come out and say it to me!!:D
  12. CristoferoJ

    CristoferoJ Member

    English, England
    Trying to keep this clean.... get the definition of figa or fica and you will see the vulgar meaning!
  13. gatto

    gatto Senior Member

    L'Aquila, Italy
    Hey guys (and gals, as well)!
    Shouln't we be using warns?

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