Bell'e giocato il risultato e il posto in società

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Ciao di nuovo,

These lyrics are from "La Verità" by Morgan. I think I have the general idea on most of it, but I'm rather confused on the last line especially. Any cleaning up of the rest of my translation that you can help me with is also very appreciated.

"E affabulando per il mondo te ne vai,
Racconti storie per sentirti amato
Ma poi alla memoria che non hai sfugge un dettaglio dell'imbroglio
E voilà, bell'e giocato il risultato e il posto in società"

"And telling fairy tales you leave for the world,
You tell stories in order to feel yourself loved
But then at the memory that you don't have a detail of the cheat escapes
And voilà, the result and the place in society is well played"

I wrote the lyrics exactly as they were in the cd booklet. I took the "bell'e" to be a typo and assumed it was "bell'è", does that seem likely? If it wasn't a typo, then it changes the meaning somewhat.

Grazie in anticipo
  • paoman

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    I think in this case "bell'e giocato" is an idomatic expression to say: is lost
    so that the sentence can be translated:

    And voilà, the result (goal) and the place in the society are lost.

    I would suggest you to change also the first line,
    instead of: you leave for the world I'd write you go around the world


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    It's used mainly in informal conversation, it's quite common and you can say both:

    bell'e giocato


    bell'e andato

    it's the same
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